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High voltage power supplies are used to convert low DC and AC voltages into high-value AC voltages. In other words, if power conversion from one voltage to another is required, then it can be accomplished by a circuit of high voltage power supply. For high voltage power supplies, the typical output voltages range from 1 kV to 360 kV. However, ranges of 62V to 500kV are also available in the market. Read More…

High Voltage Power Supplies High voltage power supplies are used to convert low DC and AC voltages into high-value AC voltages. In other words, if power conversion from one voltage to another is required, then it can be accomplished by a circuit of high voltage power supply. For high voltage power supplies, the typical output voltages range from 1 kV to 360 kV. However, ranges of 62V to 500kV are also available in the market.
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National City, CA  |  800-275-5224

TDK-Lambda Americas designs and manufactures a wide range of AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies and EMI Filters for Medical, Telecom, Industrial, Datacom, and Test & Measurement applications worldwide. The company has been a major provider of power solutions since 1948. TDK-Lambda is a subsidiary of the TDK Corporation, a leading global electronics company.

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TDK-Lambda Americas Inc. $$$

Easton, PA  |  800-523-9478

For 4 decades, Acopian Power Supplies has specialized in long lasting power supplies (0 volts – 30000 V). We offer AC power supplies, DC power supplies, AC to DC converters, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), AC to DC power supplies & high voltage power supplies. With quality customer service & technical support, we have thousands of power supplies for thousands of applications.

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Hicksville, NY  |  516-935-2230

APS are specialists in power conversion and the manufacture of high performance power systems. Products include power converters and inverters; motor drives and brakes; battery chargers; AC and DC power supplies; driver circuits and more. Custom and standard power systems are available.

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Applied Power Systems, Inc. $$$

Perris, CA  |  951-277-0757

Our company offers a variety of standard and custom power supplies. These items are great for a wide range of applications. If you have any special requests then please let our representatives know. If you ever run into any questions or issues then our engineers are available to assist you. There is no project too challenging for our teams! Give us a call today!

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Triad Magnetics $$$

Livermore, CA  |  800-669-8090

At Quail Electronics, we are your power cord specialists. Our power supplies consist of green dot cords, high voltage cords, North American and international cords, specialty cords, plus adapters, plugs and strips.

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Quail Electronics, Inc. $$$
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How the high voltage power supplies work:

When it comes to converting low-frequency voltages to high voltages, the contemporary high voltage power supply uses SMPS technologies. SMPS uses high-frequency valves, such as MOSFETs and a high-frequency transformer to accomplish this transformation.

A quick definition of SMPs reveals that they are “High-frequency switching devices and storage components like capacitors and inductors are used in an SMPS to convert voltage, and when the device is in its non-conduction stage, they provide power for the SMPS's output.” whereas MOSFETs are field-effect transistors insulated gates that are usually operated by oxidation of a semiconductor, with silicon being the most common.

How the outputs are produced:

To increase the voltage, a high-frequency converter amplifies this high-frequency AC. Galvanic isolation is provided by this transformer. After rectifying, multiplying, and filtering the voltages at the secondary of the high-frequency transformer, they are output as the desired voltage levels.

High voltage supplies are used on mainline inputs:

High-frequency converters in the high voltage power supply convert the corrected and filtered DC voltages from the main supply source to high-frequency AC in the high voltage power supply.

The duty ratio of these switches is varied to govern the transfer of power at frequencies exceeding 20 kHz.

Safety precaution:

Before we can explain the various intricacies of high voltage power supplies, it is noteworthy that safety measures need to be taken at any voltage above 62Vdc, regardless of how high or low it is referred to as "high voltage" and therefore needs to be treated as such.

Similarly, the output of a high voltage power source can be controlled by the user using complex control technology, which is usually integrated with the high power voltage supply. The fail-safe protection circuitry and the switching frequency drive to the switches are included in this circuit as well in order to add extra layers of protection.

Applications of high voltage power supplies:

  • A wide variety of items are available that can be powered by either AC or DC input voltage, depending on the model and the user's specifications.
  • Single-phase and three-phase products also are commercially available, depending on the range needed.
  • Power supplies with voltages from 200V to over 300kV and output power from 20W to more than 1000W are also routinely utilized.
  • Most devices have a fixed positive or fixed negative polarity, but ones with variable polarities are also present in the market.
  • If you are looking for high voltage components that are more durable and heat resistant
    • The high voltage ceramic capacitors
    • Ceramic disc capacitors
    • High voltage resistors (including resistors for additive manufacturing processes)
    • High voltage connections rated at either 30kV or 60kV are essential to have and are available in the market.
  • Both TV style and silicone high voltage cable are the items commonly used, along with customized goods as well that are prepared as per the customer demands.

The advantages of using high power voltage supplies:

High power voltage supplies are pretty much used in any situation where the voltage has to be increased; therefore, it carries the same advantage as you would have from stepping up the voltage:

  • It aids in the efficient transmission of extremely high voltages across great distances.
  • It is possible to move a great amount of electric power while just using a little value of current density while transmitting high power voltage.
  • High currents necessitate thick cables since they generate a lot of heat. This is not just a waste of time and money, but the transmission cables themselves are extremely expensive. This issue can be resolved by using budget-friendly and sturdy high voltage power supplies.
  • As a result, the cost of transferring energy will be less expensive because of the utility offered by high voltage supplies.

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