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As the name suggests, an AC-DC power supply is used to convert an AC (Alternating Current) supply of power into a DC (Direct Current) power supply and vice versa. Read More…

AC-DC Power Supply As the name suggests, an AC-DC power supply is used to convert an AC (Alternating Current) supply of power into a DC (Direct Current) power supply and vice versa.

TDK-Lambda Americas designs and manufactures a wide range of AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies and EMI Filters for Medical, Telecom, Industrial, Datacom, and Test & Measurement applications worldwide. The company has been a major provider of power solutions since 1948. TDK-Lambda is a subsidiary of the TDK Corporation, a leading global electronics company.

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Our company offers a variety of standard and custom power supplies. These items are great for a wide range of applications. If you have any special requests then please let our representatives know. If you ever run into any questions or issues then our engineers are available to assist you. There is no project too challenging for our teams! Give us a call today!

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For 4 decades, Acopian Power Supplies has specialized in long lasting power supplies (0 volts – 30000 V). We offer AC power supplies, DC power supplies, AC to DC converters, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), AC to DC power supplies & high voltage power supplies. With quality customer service & technical support, we have thousands of power supplies for thousands of applications.

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APS are specialists in power conversion and the manufacture of high performance power systems. Products include power converters and inverters; motor drives and brakes; battery chargers; AC and DC power supplies; driver circuits and more. Custom and standard power systems are available.

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At Quail Electronics, we are your power cord specialists. Our power supplies consist of green dot cords, high voltage cords, North American and international cords, specialty cords, plus adapters, plugs and strips.

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What is an AC-DC Power Supply?

As the name suggests, an AC-DC power supply is used to convert an AC (Alternating Current) supply of power into a DC (Direct Current) power supply and vice versa.

AC Versus DC Power

AC power is a type of power in which the direction of the voltage is constantly changing, whereas DC power is an electric current that does not change direction. The direction and voltage of DC power remains stable in any given period of time.

Purpose of AC-DC Power Supply

AC voltages of 100V or 200V are the most common for residential use, but electronic equipment often runs at 3.3V or 5V DC. As a result, the voltage must be converted from AC to DC.

Most motors and electronics can be operated on DC; however, an AC-DC supply ensures that energy is conserved in the electrical circuits and all electronics are operated at optimum efficiency on DC power.

How AC-DC Power Adaptors Work

An AC-DC power adaptor consists of three main parts:

  • A transformer (usually a step-down transformer)
  • A rectifier
  • An output filter

The workings of an AC-DC power supply can be understood through the workings of its components.

Function of the Transformer

Because high power voltage is not suitable for electronics found in a home, the step-down transformer in the AC-DC power supply plays an important role. As the AC currents enter the adapter, the transformer steps down the voltage so that it can be managed more easily, allowing a user to reduce the voltage as required.

Function of the Rectifier

While the direction of the voltage alternates, rectifiers change the sinusoidal waveform of AC power into continuous positive peaks that constitute the DC power. The current may fluctuate when the waveform changes its phase, but this is fixed with the help of a capacitor.

Function of the Filter

The filter acts as a capacitor by improving the quality of the power before it is given off as the output. This greatly lowers voltage drooping and improves voltage consistency. Getting an AC-DC power supply with a larger capacitor often results in a better electricity supply.

How AC DC Power Adaptors Work

Advantages of AC-DC Power Supply

  • DC power is the most suitable type for home usage. The appliances and electronics found in a home work at their best on a DC power supply rather than AC.
  • The AC power supply is easier to transmit, but it often causes issues of overheating cables, electrical sparks in appliances, and power surges that can damage electronics. An AC-DC power supply is necessary to combat these issues.
  • Power fluctuations and power loss can be drastically reduced by using an AC-DC power supply.
  • The batteries in common consumer devices all need a DC power supply.
  • The high potential of AC energy is dangerous on contact, so the AC-DC power supply also increases the overall safety features of these electrical systems.

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